Say What You Will About Anderson Cooper…

At least he knows what’s important right now

Source: Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s 5:06 PM in California right now, and as I sit here writing, Anderson Cooper provides background commentary from the TV on my bedroom wall. CNN plays on my television pretty much around the clock during daytime and early evening hours for the last two weeks. I’ve watched more news outlets — and CNN — this week than probably the last ten years combined. The broadcasters repeat themselves, trash-talk the opposite party, and constantly pick and poke. It gives me a headache after a bit, but I turn the volume down low and watch anyway.

This week, with the unbelievable way our current president is behaving, I have been glued to my television and these news anchors. The reason why I watch CNN more than others…? It’s one of the only major news outlets that my Sling subscription supplies, and I agree with most of what they say.

Each hour or two, there’s a different titled show with a different ‘politainment’ journalist, but they pretty much repeat the sentiments of the newscaster from the prior hour. Including Anderson Cooper. Now, I like him the best out of all of ‘em, but he still echoes everyone else. Until a few minutes ago. Tonight, he made more sense than any of them ever have.

He came onto the air and begun what would have been his nightly introduction to his show, where he does a recap of the day’s events that have been mentioned from every other outlet all day long. Not tonight. He started to speak… and then he stopped. He cut himself off midsentence and said, “You know what?… It doesn’t matter.”

That caught my attention.

He stared into the camera for a silent moment and explained how — amidst all of this uproar about the president, a grown man behaving so childish, refusing to concede, and all of the nonsense that goes along with it— it doesn’t matter. “He’s done,” he continued, saying that a new president has been elected, and the current president is old news.

He went on to say what IS important, and what DOES matter, is the fact that today the U.S. had the highest Covid-19 numbers ever. Ever. For the past week, each day has had higher numbers than the day before, and it will continue on that pattern tomorrow.

Anderson started to tear up and choke on his words when he spoke about a small child who’s afraid his daddy might not be coming home because he’s in the hospital fighting for his life due to the virus. It was at this moment when I felt a trickle run down my cheek, too.

He’s right. He said what many have been thinking for a long time. It doesn’t f*cking matter. Or, at least, the president’s bullshit four-year-old “I don’t wanna go!” hissy-fit doesn’t matter, nor does every hissy fit prior. Turtle metaphors don’t matter. Not when there’s a much bigger picture right now. Not when there are people dying every single hour of every single day because of this virus. The virus which the president hadn’t spoken a word about all week — the worst week since the coronavirus pandemic began.

It does matter in regards to our national security, and the president doesn’t seem to give two shits that withholding info and briefings from the president-elect leaves us vulnerable in the eyes of others. That is the only part of this self-serving tantrum that matters. Sorry, Mr. President, but this is not keeping America safe and secure, and it’s not how we roll.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the president is not going out quietly or graciously, and he’s going to do as much damage as possible on his way out. He’s already started. He’s already shown us that he’s willing to go against everything America stands for. This, we know.

But, like Anderson, I don’t think I can spend another day watching the Keeping up with the Kurrent president’s Konduct’ show. His infantile conduct.

Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for reminding folks what is really important tonight: Real people, dying.

As of today, November 13, 2020:

Worldwide: Over 53 million cases. Over 1.3 million deaths.
United States: Over 10.7 million cases. Over 243,000 deaths.
Today alone, the U.S. had over 150,000 new cases — and each day the number grows higher.

Let’s focus on this deadly situation, which has killed more Americans than World War I, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan Combined. Today alone, 1172 Americans have died so far. That would be the equivalent of 5 passenger planes crashing down on American soil today. This is more important than a grown man’s foolish, selfish actions (or non-actions).

The casualty numbers are exasperating. The numbers should make enough noise to deafen our ears to all of the other drivel.

I write about life, death.... and anything else I need to get off my chest.

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