My Local Med Spa Has a “Hide-From-Hubby” Program

And… it’s a total hit.

5 min readFeb 24, 2022


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I love my injectables. Love them. I haven’t been on the modernist needle-infused beauty bandwagon for very long; about a year and a half now. It started with me wanting to address some frown lines on my forehead that have been gradually getting worse with every year that keeps creeping up on me. So, my mom and I did a version of mommy-and-me day for 40 and 60 year-old women: we went to get injectable devirginized.

I chose Dysport as my injectable option for those previously mentioned pesky lines on my five-head and the deep “bunny” furrow frown crease between my eyebrows. I also opted for a lip-flip, which is when they put a couple of units of either Botox or Dysport right under your top lip to give it that ever so slightly turned-up pout. It was my way of dipping my toe in the lippy area before diving full throttle into lip plumpers. Mom got some filler in her nasolabial folds, aka marionette puppet frown lines.

I friggin’ loved my results. Mom left the appointment feeling like there was more to be desired.

I’m pretty sure the problem was there just wasn’t enough product used for the first time in the chair. At 61 years old, you’re gonna need more than one syringe full of filler, for starters. Those more mature lines, creases, and folds have been manifesting for decades, getting very comfortable where they lie, and need a fair amount of product shoved up underneath the skin in order to make any kind of dent in those bad boys. Especially in the very beginning.

SO, as a side note: if you’ve waited until over the age of 50 to begin the injectables journey and were anything less than satisfied with your results, I’d try giving it another go with the suggested amount of product your doctor or aesthetician recommends. They know what they’re talking about.

Mom’s done with all that in the future. I most certainly am not. It worked out great for me and my 39-year-old lines.

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I’ve returned back to the same place now every four or so months ever since that day. I get Dysport injected into the same…




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