I love this. The story I MUST write. The one I’m so eager to get out of my system that the pencil turns into an extension of my hand, and the words shooting onto the paper are a scribbled mess because my hand can’t move as fast as my brain. And same goes on a keyboard- I’m hitting all the wrong keys because I cannot be bothered to slow down. The story that has been nagging my mind for years. Maybe something that happened to me in the past but I was too embarrassed to talk about with anyone familiar, or a recount of something unjust that I saw and have kept with me, but always felt needed addressing. There are so many things this could be, so long as it’s something I feel’s important. Something that naturally flows out. I’ve always felt this was the way to write, and I love the way you worded it. Right on the nail head😊


I write about life, death.... and anything else I need to get off my chest.

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