It happened while I was writing this story.

Cancer Chronicles: A Daughter’s Perspective

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That is what this gentleman in the next parked car over has been talking about for the last two and a half hours with whoever’s on the other end of his phone call: some fairly-priced strawberries he found on Google; the perks…

Big-time donations are now rolling in as the consequence of doing a big-time NO-NO

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How sweet.

The article in question, as I first saw written in the glossy print version of People Magazine, begins with the phrase: “Kids do the darndest things,” and then continues on:

“ …just ask Jennifer Bryant, 37, whose 4-year-old son Noah got hold of her computer last month and…

It’s more than I thought — with very little incentive for repeat business from the consumer.

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Our household of two has been pretty busy these last two years with the death of the third member of our home leaving my mother and me heartbroken, then Covid-19 beginning its monstrous reign the very same month, and now — instead of transitioning back to life like the majority…

I’m so ashamed in admitting to the world that I can’t financially take care of my own mother during her illness

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I thought this would be easier. What began as a positive idea out of pure desperation to help Mom is now creeping into something else. Something darker. Something self-loathing. Get out of your own head, Bee.
Just, work it out…

First thoughts, written May 27 — June 1, 2021:


Remember why you have an extra day off this week

The unknown soldier (image by author)

As this Memorial Day comes to an end, I have no new perspective on what today means. I love this holiday. I love what it celebrates and I will always have the highest amount of gratitude for the men and women to whom we dedicate this day. I am hoping…


I write about life, death.... and anything else I need to get off my chest. Personal Reveries; Addiction & Recovery Tales; Cancer Chronicles

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